vii. Subversion of the Criminal Justice System:

Punishing Law Abiding Officers

Policy of Punishment to Honest Officers who acted in Accordance with the Law and the Indian Constitution and Rewarding those who did not aide by illegal and unconstitutional directives of the political leadership

   RB Sreekumar ADGP denied Promotion. This Officer was finally promoted following the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) upholding his contentions as against the Government of Gujaratís. He was promoted to DGP Gujarat the day before he retired on 28.2.2007.

The Battle that RB Sreekumar Fought

 CAT Judgements ( 26.09.2006 / 28.09.2007 )   

   Review of the 2,000-odd post-Godhra riot cases, as ordered by the Supreme Court in 2004, was conducted in a slack and unprofessional manner. This was achieved by entrusting the job to those senior officers who were either willing or constrained to act in accordance with the partisan interests of the BJP and the chief minister.